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  • Why is Team Management an important skill when working with projects (and general business)/

That all the group members communicate with each other. It is an important skill because as a group, you need to set your team goals. It is also an important skill because of the role we play in the group. I usually take the participant role of Contributor as my natural role because I am usually don’t talk during group discussions and can’t always see beyond the task at hand. These are the roles that I think each of my team members fall into: Justin – Contributor, Jeff – Team Leader, and Bryce – Contributor

  • What makes a team effective and how do you keep it that way?

All the team members are all on the same page. Everyone should come together and sit down to talk about the expertise and skills that each person brings to the team. I also think that the team members should explain their feedback and constructive criticism to the other team members. I think that each team member should almost willing to help the other team members if they are having trouble with their activity.

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