This is how you create a successful social media plan

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. Businesses need social media marketing for a couple of reasons. Another reason is a strong social media presence builds brand loyalty. Another reason is using social media for business boosts your site’s search engine optimization.

For the social media marketing plan, I made two buyer personas. One was a high school male and the other one was a high school girl. For each one, I put information in based on a number of factors. The factors are work hours, hobbies, age, and single or married. I gave my buyer personas to an another person in my group, so that we could compare our buyer personas.

A goal of my  tweet’s content was to get as many follows and likes as possible. A second goal of my tweet’s content was to increase the target market’s knowledge of the content. One strategy I incorporated to try to achieve these goals was to try and create more awareness. Another strategy I used was to encourage user engagement.

Next, I created some content for a couple of tweets.  The first tweet’s content dealt with how to grow your blog audience because I thought it was good information for people who do blogs a lot. The result of this content is that it had only 1 like. The next tweet I did was about 3 essential traits for earning the trust of your customers. I chose this content because I thought it was excellent information for employees who deal with customers every day. The result of this content is that it had no likes, comments, or retweets.

I tried to have a successful strategy for the KPIs. I had a strategy that analyzed all the results in a week for the tweets that I created. That strategy did not do so well at all.  Thus, I did not achieve that goals that I wanted to with my content of the tweets.

One skill I was able to accomplish by doing the Social Media Plan was to be adaptable. During the planning of the Social Media Marketing Plan, I would be able to adapt to working in a group to complete a project by a certain deadline. I felt proud after I worked on and accomplished tasks that were new to me. When I get out into the world of work, I need to be adaptable to the customers and other employees around me and this project has helped prepare me for this.


Here is the link if you want to check it out: Social Media Marketing Plan


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