4 Ways to Prevent Shoplifting in Your Store

In this article that I found, it talked about 4 ways to prevent shoplifting in your store. One way talks about know what items are at risk. Another way talks about how to design your store to foil shoplifters. Another way is to send warning signs. Another way is to use employees as deterrents.

A La Crosse area retailer might use convex mirrors to allow them to see what is on the high selves.  try to incorporate a new theme for their floor displays. They might try to utilize the information that I gathered by installing mirrors or security cameras. Another La Crosse area retailer might try to put locks on dressing room doors so customers can’t enter without help from an employee.

One end result for a La Crosse area retailer is  by placing your checkout counter near the middle front of the store so it’s centrally located. One benefit for a La Cross area retailer to utilize is to train employees to greet shoppers when they enter the store and to keep an eye on shoppers as they browse.




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