A resume builder based on posting of anxious dogs

I believe that every college student should do some resume building while in college because it will improve your resume and it will make you standout from your competition. A college student could do this by doing an internship or volunteer work for an organization. For my resume builder activity, I did an internship for New Leash On Life. For my internship, I grabbed information from the New Leash On Life Facebook page of dogs that wanted to be adopted. Then, I posted that information and the pictures of the dogs on the New Leash on Life website by using WordPress. The purpose of the New Leash On Life is to find foster or new homes for dogs that they have rescued. One challenge that I had to overcome was when an image would not upload, so I asked Pam Culver to help me with it. I chose this business because I know how to post things on WordPress and make it look good. This internship was not to hard for me to do because I like dogs. I usually worked on the posting of the dogs for about 2 hours a day. A connection between my resume builder activity and the Orientation to Marketing class is how to post on WordPress and a connection between my resume builder activity and the Digital Marketing class is how to post content and put pictures in those posts. One of first posts that I did for New Leash On Life was about a dog named Queen. Several days later, I did a post about a dog named Ellie Mae. It was gratifying working with New Leash on Life because I was helping the dogs find their forever homes. One benefit of this experience is that I learned how to resize a downloaded image. Another benefit was that I gained knowledge on how to do bullet points and it also gave me a boost of confidence for when I get a job that involves posting on WordPress because I know that I can do it.  It has changed me a little way because I know that those dogs will have a chance to get adopted. It gave me a good confidence boost for when I get a job that involves posting on WordPress.

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