E-Commerce In 2018: Here’s What The Experts Are Predicting

I found very good information in my article that I found. It talks about what the experts are predicting for E-Commerce in 2018. One of  top trends of this article is entrepreneurial E-Commerce breakout. Another trend is the customer will get smarter. Another top trend is that 2018 is going to be a bigger year for Amazon. Another top trend is the continued emergence of opportunity. There are other trends that are also in this article.

A La Crosse area retailer might try to incorporate artificial intelligence chatbot interfaces in their stores to help customers with their items. to continue. They might try to utilize the information that I gathered by starting an advertising campaign for their store to get more customers.

One end result for a La Crosse area retailer is they would have influenced how consumers shop and interact with the brands by using the augmented reality that they possess. One benefit for a La Cross area retailer it can help consumers choose to shop with brands that demonstrate their customer centricity across all facets of their business.


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