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Twitter is a social media cite and a mobile app where people can write a tweet about something that they saw or something they thought about and then other people can tweet or comment about what that person just said.

Advantages of Twitter

  • Twitter is free: Like other social networking sites, Twitter also provide free service to users and this is main advantage of twitter. Now days, twitter starts some paid services, but they don’t compulsory on users they give freedom to user to choice services. Twitter is free so anyone can join it freely.
  • Twitter is easy to join and use: Joining twitter is very easy you can join twitter within a minute and start tweeting. You can also start following people from the starting time of joining twitter. Twitter is free from advertisement and its interface is very handy to use. On twitter you want only to follow people to get updates, news, tweet, re-tweet and messages.
  • Twitter is massive: Twitter has billion registered users and millions active user every day. Now days, all kind of people uses twitter, so you can follow people on twitter which you know. Also, most of the famous people, famous stars and celebrity uses twitter so you can keep in touch with them by following them on twitter. By using twitter, you can also target your audience for your business, no matter how big or small your business.
  • Twitter for business: You can communicate directly with your targeted market by using twitter. Means business use twitter to share information to their services and build relationship with customers and partners. You can research your market by using twitter and interact with them within second. For business purpose you can pass your business minded info very easily and effectively by posting just 140 characters tweets and its free.
  • Twitter security: Twitter provides very high level security about users account. Twitter has very high kind of security policies. Also, twitter provides you option of protecting your personal information. Twitter also gives you option of report spam.

Disadvantages of Twitter

  • Inactive and fake Twitter accounts: Though twitter has billions of users, most of them either inactive or not used regularly. Most of twitter accounts are fake which are made to cheat and harass someone.
  • Spam problem: Twitter has also spam problem like other social networking sites. Some twitter user only tweet their products, blog or website links. Also, some user sends spam messages or they spam you by tweeting spam tweets. Twitter also face overloading problem means due to large numbers of user it get crashed.
  • Twitter is addictive: The main disadvantage of twitter is its addiction. Once you start to use twitter you will get more involved into twitter. So, once you become twitter addictive it kills your precious time and it consume your most valuable time.
  • Limited 140 characters tweet: Twitter provides only 140 characters tweet, means you can’t use characters more than 140.If you want to tweet more than 140 characters you have to use third party applications.
  • Twitter is not more effective for visual content: Twitter is more link based, if you want share more photos, videos on twitter then it’s not more effective like other photo and video sharing sites.

Attention: Because of the features that it provides. You can tweet about somebody else’s tweet. You can also look up professional player’s tweet.

Interest:  The interest generally is accomplished by encouraging users to take an active participation in the online community, where the company shares engaging industry-related content.

Desire:  People are aroused through regular communication and engagement as well as through posts that give information about the product or service.

Action: Finally, the last stage involves posting direct invites with call-to-actions, such as “try our new product” or “subscribe to our newsletter.”

The best audience for this media to reach is teenagers, young adults, and middle-age adults. It is a free media and that you can tweet somebody that just tweeted what you just tweeted. One of Twitter’s goals is to boost engagement among Twitter followers.

Based on the information provided to you about the target markets for the Western Marketing Program,

I think that high school and transfer students would be effectively reached by Twitter because Twitter wants to appeal to the younger and more active people on social media.

I think the most effective type of message is an informing message because you want to them about what it is about and what features it comes with.

I show them how many characters’ tweets there are. You can jump into timely conversations. You can also show them how to follow people on Twitter.

I learned about Twitter is that it is not more effective for visual content.

I think the biggest misconception about Twitter is that it needs more characters to be available to the person that is tweeting something.


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